In order to cater to the growing demands of our customer’s we undertake the following services:

  • Performing ampacity and temperature-rise calculations for power cable installations. Determining the maximum current power cables is important for the design of electrical installations can sustain without deterioration of any of their electrical properties
  • Steady-state and transient thermal cable rating as per the analytical techniques described by Neher-McGrath and the International

    Standards IEC 287© and IEC 853©

  • The Duct Bank Optimization allowing the user to determine the optimal placement of several circuits within a duct bank.
  • Calculating the magnetic flux density at any point on above the ground or an underground cable installation.
  • The Cables Impedance Calculations (ZMat) necessary for designing electrical parameters for cables necessary for performing load flow and short-circuit studies at the power frequency (50/60 Hz).
  • Calculation of thermally permissible short-circuit currents, taking into account non-adiabatic heating effects.
  • Modelling of two circuits crossings each other in the same installation.
  • Circuits crossing directly buried underground, in buried ducts and in buried pipes underground.
  • Short-circuit ratings computation for all metallic layers
    • Conductor
    • Sheath
    • Sheath Reinforcement
    • Concentric Neutral / Skid Wires
    • Armour
  • Design Calculations for laying cables in different environments as:
    • Multiple Duct Banks and Backfills
    • Cables in Tunnels
    • Cables in Troughs
    • Multiple Casings
  • Computation of the sequence impedances for all the cables present in an installation
  • Computation of the sequence admittances for all cables present in an installation
  • One or more neutrals can be represented and are taken into account in the calculations
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