• Fault Tree
  • Reliability Prediction

  • RBD
  • Maintainability Prediction
  • Weibull
  • ALT

Techlabs in partnership with Relyence® offers a complete solution for all your reliability and quality software needs. Along with our software tools, we offer top-notch technical support, implementation services, and training.

Techlabs partnered Relyence Solution provides seamless integration between FMEA (including Boundary Diagrams, P-Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams, Control Plans, and DVP&R), FRACAS, Fault Tree, Reliability Prediction, RBD, Maintainability Prediction, Weibull, and ALT analyses. The Relyence tool suite empowers you to effectively manage your products throughout their lifecycle.

Relyence tools offer an impressive list of features including customizable cross-module Dashboards; user-interface customization; flexible report generation; data importing and exporting; API functionality; device libraries; Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications; user and group roles and permissions; and Relyence innovations such as always-in-syncTM technology, Knowledge BanksTM for lessons learned reusability, Intelligent Part MappingTM for device decoding, FMEA Data AutoflowTM and SmartSuggestTM for high-powered data handling, and Failure Direct ConnectTM for FMEA-FRACAS integration.

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