Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Techlabs Electronics Engineering Products and Design Tools enable our clients to develop better electronic products in a shorter production cycle more cost-effectively. Our Business Process Framework takes a holistic approach to identifying client’s business objectives and ensuring that Techlabs assets ”and other complementary solutions”are all aligned with those goals.

Our portfolio encompasses an incredible diverse spectrum of solutions, with particular focus on:

System-Level Electronics Design
Chip-Level Electronics Design
Embedded Design
Hydraulics/ Pneumatics System
System Modeling
Reliability and Quality
Design Automation
Power Electronics
PCB Designing
Electromagnetic Simulations

The wide solution portfolio encompasses our centralized proactive and responsive client’s engagement strategy. Techlabs solution service support comes under the aegis of well qualified and experienced engineers who help the clients at each stage of the solution lifecycle.

+Circuit Simulation Design

Circuit simulation software allows engineers to design circuits without the time, cost and risk of error involved in building circuit prototypes. Circuit simulation is widely regarded as a critical step in the design flow, and is the industry-standard way of verifying circuit operation at the transistor level before committing to manufacturing an integrated circuit. Designers may also want more information about the circuit, than available from a single mock-up. At Techlabs, we bring the best practices of circuit simulation to the global stage.


Techlabs provides software solutions for the modeling and simulation of end-to-end communication systems at the signal or physical level. The intuitive block diagram interface makes it easy to build, modify and maintain even the most complex system models. The tightly integrated development platform allows engineers to simulate and view signal waveforms at any stage of the communication system chain. Moreover all modeling and simulation tasks can be completed without writing a single line of code.


Techlabs provides innovative electromagnetic modeling and simulation software and consulting services. We offer a suite of innovative Electromagnetic software and services, accessible under the aegis of professional support and comprehensive training. Our products provide an easy solution for designing, analysis and snags identification of complex Electromagnetic structures.

+Embedded System

Techlabs tools range provides an integrated solution for designing, prototyping and deploying embedded systems using intuitive graphical programming software coupled with tight integration with off-shelf hardware. We offer a suite of innovative EM software and services, backed by an easily accessible and responsive support team and comprehensive training.

+PCB Design

Techlabs provides an unrivaled portfolio of innovative PCB designing solutions that facilitate integrated processes for capturing, verifying and communicating design intent through the entire design flow.

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