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JNTU collaborates with Mentor Graphics and Trident Techlabs for higher education in VLSI

HYDERABAD, INDIA: Mentor Graphics Corp., along with Trident Techlabs, announced a joint collaboration with one of India’s leading premier technology universities, Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University (JNTU) located in Hyderabad.

Under the auspices of its Higher Education Program, Mentor Graphics will provide the university with leading-edge design tools for classroom instruction and academic research, by donating a complete suite of electronic design automation (EDA) tools.

The group effort will enable students to gain proficiency in very large scale integration (VLSI) design and other emerging nanotechnology challenges in a Mentor Graphics lab at JNTU.

Under the collaboration, Mentor Graphics will provide world class EDA products, training and support to JNTU and affiliated colleges for use as a core academic education for professors and engineering students. This will include projects, short-term courses, workshops, training and industrial consultancy in the area of VLSI Design.

"JNTU is committed to bolster the VLSI education programs to achieve proficiency in first class technology and design methodologies using Mentor Graphics software. We are partnering with Mentor Graphics and its partner, Trident Techlabs, to create extensive experience in the areas of VLSI coupled with marketing leading technology tools, which best suit the education and industry requirements. As we progress with our objective of providing world-class VLSI education, this partnership will definitely aid engineers/students to adapt to the rapid changing technologies of the world and also accelerate growth of India’s electronic industry,” said Dr. G Tulasi Ram Das, Registrar JNTU, Hyderabad.

“The continually growing electronics market in India depends on having highly talented engineers skilled in the latest and most relevant electronic design methodologies," said Ian Burgess, development manager for Mentor’s Higher Education Program. "This partnership will enable students at both JNTU and its affiliated colleges to gain valuable experience in state of the art design as part of their degree courses, and enable India's electronics companies to recruit new graduates that are productive from day one."

“India is continuing to grow for the world’s electronic industry, fueled by its track record of producing highly skilled engineers. University participation and incorporation of leading design methodologies and tools into JNUT’s academic program will strengthen Mentor Graphics’ goal of promoting VLSI education in India,” said Raghu Panicker, sales director, Mentor Graphics Sales and Services Pvt Ltd.

“Through this collaboration, we trust that engineers/students will gain world-class VLSI educational experience and will have access to cutting-edge EDA tools from Mentor Graphics,”said Sukesh Naithani , CEO Trident Techlabs Pvt Ltd.“We are pleased to partner with JNTU and Mentor Graphics in this endeavor to build a strong VLSI ecosystem of educating engineering professionals to further the cause of VLSI education in India.”