Industry Institute Alliance

Industry Institute Alliance

Technical education is in transition. The great traditions of scholarship built over the centuries are struggling to respond to unprecedented economic, demographic, technological, and societal challenges. This ambitious initiative proposes a major milestone in the global pursuit of a truly modern, progressive, and relevant approach to research and education in engineering. Techlabs is open to comprehensive partnership with the Institution in the form of Centers of Excellence (CoE) in Technology, which provide a framework within which the creativity and depth of the research can spawn and positively influence the transformation of engineering education.

The CoEs take a holistic view of technical education and encourage study and exploration of foundation concepts as well as advanced and applied techniques. The key components of CoEs include a building-block approach to learning, which allows the student to always engage with new concepts starting from one previously learnt and where the theory has been applied to ensure complete comprehension. The training methodology allows even novice undergraduates to explore real world applications in an accessible and appropriate way. Built around the right training equipment and employment-oriented curriculum, the CoE promotes a rich and dynamic interaction between the expert researchers and the budding engineers. Additionally, these key applications provide opportunities for enhanced collaboration with other stakeholders within the academic ecosystem including existing research CoEs, industry and peer institutes through outreach activities.

Benefits for the Partnering Engineering Colleges:

  • Establish the Institution further as an education innovation leader in integrated academic practice that views research, education, and industrial application, as a dynamic continuum
  • Establish a national and international technology and knowledge showcase of advanced equipment and the most progressive methodologies in research and teaching
  • A cost-effective framework of multi-function equipment and flexible software to support a broad range of interdisciplinary research and an equally broad range of courses
  • Transformation of abstract courses to more engaging, interactive, and industrially relevant
  • An effective employment-oriented training facility dwelling on demonstrations of exciting leading edge applications
  • A rich long-term partnership with true collaboration and dynamic intellectual exchange

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