Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

At Techlabs, we believe that to get real hands-on experience, engineers should be well versed with new and upcoming technologies. With this aim, Techlabs provides innovative solution packages to institutes to spread the practical exposure of the latest instrumentation technology.

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+Basic Electronics and Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

Techlabs offers a complete approach to teaching circuits and electronics by integrating circuit capture, simulation, and layout in a package. This suite provides an interactive learning environment for students to explore circuit behavior and circuit concepts and quickly learn and understand the PCB layout process

+Analog Devices and Circuits Lab

Techlabs solutions provides an intuitive schematic capture and simulation circuit teaching environment with specific features designed for the educator to foster learning and guide student exploration of circuit concepts. With this interactive environment, students can visualize circuit behavior with powerful simulation and analysis. They can learn about instrumentation and troubleshooting using simulation-driven instruments and hidden faults and gain intuition by exploring what-if scenarios with interactive components and advance simulation

+Digital Electronics Lab

Techlabs offers an integrated tool chain for circuit capture, simulation, and layout allowing students to use the product in a wide range of classes to simulate and analyze circuits for homework and pre-lab assignments, explore breadboard in 3D before lab sessions and create printed circuit boards (PCBs) for design projects

+Analog Electronics Hardware Lab

Techlabs Analog Electronics Harware lab solution offers circuit designing, measurements, instrumentation, control design and simulation functionality

+Digital Electronics Hardware Lab

Techlabs offers an easy-to-use, interactive, graphical programming language that helps users write sophisticated programs and applications in a shorter amount of time without needing a computer science degree

+Sensors & Transducers Lab

Techlabs solution’s rugged hardware architecture includes I/O modules, a reconfigurable field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chassis, and an embedded controller. Additionally, it is integrated with graphical programming user interface and can be used in a variety of embedded control and monitoring applications

+Electronics Measurements & Instrumentation Lab

Techlabs solutions offers over 50 measurement specific modules and provides a flexible, expandable platform to meet the needs of any electrical or sensor measurement system

+Industrial Automation Lab

Techlabs solution can manage multiple timing engines to run up to seven separate hardware-timed I/O tasks at different sample rates in the same system

+Control System Lab

Techlabs solutions help students understand physical systems, using mathematical modeling, in terms of inputs, outputs and various components with different behaviors; use control systems design tools to develop controllers for those systems; and implement controllers in physical systems employing available technology

+DSP Lab

Techlabs suite of DSP software represents the discrete time signals by a sequence of numbers or symbols and processing the signals

+PCB Layout Design Lab

Techlabs PCB designing tools are used for schematic capture, simulation, layout, routing of PCBs and prototyping. The flexible design environment accelerates design with automated functionality while maintaining precision with manual control