Information Technology

Information Technology Engineering

Techlabs provides innovative solutions for Academic Institutes offering Information Technology Engineering Stream. Our Lab Solutions offer cutting edge technology and latest tools to give students experience with the real world applications of IT Industry

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+Analog and Digital Communication Lab

Techlabs offers software with an easy-to-learn graphical interface and makes students productive from day one. Its powerful simulation engine allows students to develop and evaluate intricate controller strategies that incorporate both closed and open-loop control systems

+Digital Image Processing Lab

Techlabs Image Processing kit is ideal for realtime analytics applications, such as fingerprint recognition and face detection. It enables developers to easily bring audio, video and other signals onto the board. Expansion headers allow customers to extend the functionality of the kit to include a camera sensor

+RF Communication Lab

Techlabs solutions is one of the only turnkey teaching solutions scaling from RF fundamentals to advanced research using a single hardware and software platform. It offers students a unique and relevant opportunity to experiment with a wide range of real-world signals in introductory and digital communications laboratories

+ARM Based Micro-controller Lab / Processor Lab

Techlabs solutions contain all the necessary hardware and software to enable students to design, develop and integrate AC induction and stepper motor applications. Our solutions also offer a variety of CPU target boards focused on ARM7, ARM Cortex M3 Platform and ARM9 platforms. The program introduces the techniques required to work with different peripherals and systems. The tutorials contain step by step ineractive content enabling individual learners to take on complex content on the ARM platform

+Telecommunication Lab

Techlabs offers a package that compliments the academic courses and gives exposure to software and hardware sides of telecommunication