Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Modern automotive engineering, along with aerospace engineering and marine engineering, is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.Automobile engineering is one of the most challenging careers now days. Due to demand and passion on vehicles automobile engineers has lot many opportunities across the Globe.

Realizing the importance of real world exposure, Techlabs under the aegis of their principle partners offers comprehensive package of software and hardware that help the academic institutions to provide a hands-on experience in the Automobile Engineering. The future engineers of the automobile can specialize in the alternative areas such as aerodynamic, fuels, the chassis, the electronics, the emissions, the ergonomic one, the manufacture, the materials, the creation of a fast prototype, the security or the management etc.

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+CAD Lab

Techlabs CAD lab solution suite offers the best of both parametric and direct modeling 3D CAD paradigms with an unprecedented level of interoperability that provide industry experience to the students
+CAM Lab

Techlabs CAM lab package is widely used in colleges, universities and educational institutions to help students build up a base of practical experience and gain effective techniques used in industries to streamline to product development process

+CFD Lab
Techlabs CFD solution offers a full featured 3D fluid flow, heat transfer analysis package that is both fast to learn and easy to use. It simlipies the numerical complexity and meshing overheads that plague traditional high-end CFD

+Fluid Power Simulation Lab

Techlabs offers efficient and intuitive modeling of fluid-power systems and components. It enables students to create their models in a straightforward manner according to the hydraulic or pneumatic circuit diagram. The models are assembled from library elements such as cylinders, valves, pipes, hoses, pumps and accumulators

+Applied Mechanics Simulation Lab

Techlabs provides a comprehensive portfolio of simulation software and technical systems. It includes universal CAE tool for modeling, simulation and analyzing of physical effects – with ready-to-use model libraries for 1D mechanics, 3D multibody systems, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, electrics, electrical drives and magnetics

+IC Engines / Automobile Simulation Lab

Techlabs IC Engine and Automobile Simulation Labs offer an easy-to-use, interactive, graphical programming language that helps users write sophisticated programs and applications in a short amount of time without needing a computer science degree

+Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics Simulation Lab
Techlabs offers efficient and intuitive modeling of fluid mechanics and thermodynamic simulation. It enables students to create their models in a straightforward manner according to the hydraulic or pneumatic circuit diagram. The models are assembled from library elements such as cylinders, valves, pipes, hoses, pumps and accumulators

+Mechatronics Simulation Lab

Mechatronics model libraries include validated model components and unique tool such as library integration, modeling comfort and flexibility which make our solutions the driving force in System Simulation. Our solution has been developed as a CAE application with an up-to-date user front-end

+Sound and Vibration Lab

Techlab’s Sound & Vibration Lab helps engineering students analyze, refine and optimize the noise and vibration of a system under development, from the component- up to the system-level. It allows engineers to validate and further improve simulation models from components to system level analysis

+Control System Lab

Techlabs Control Systems Lab delivers hands-on experienc with an integrated suite of more than 12 commonly used instruments in one compact form factor specifically designed for education. Armed with powerful data acquisition and USB plug-and-play capabilities, the package offers the flexibility of virtual instrumentation and allows for quick and easy measurement acquisition and instrumentation across multiple disciplines


Techlabs HVAC  Lab Solutions enable visualization and understanding of complex physical processes such as heat conduction, heat convection, conjugated heat transfer between fluids, surrounding solid materials as well as radiation among many others

+Thermodynamics Lab

Techlabs offer powerful software and hardware package used to perform thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations for multi-component systems of practical importance

+Electronics & Microprocessor Lab

Techlabs Microcontroller Module offers an ultra-low power, mixed signal microcontroller. It is an easy to learn, C-compiler friendly, 16-bit CPU partnered with flexible low power modes and intelligent peripherals. Its versatility enables the use across a number of applications such as automobile engine control systems, remote controls, appliances and other embedded systems